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Think negative.

As part of our sustainability journey, we are continually working to reduce our environmental footprint. Jacobi is the leading producer of coconut shell-based activated carbon (AC). This is the most sustainable AC commercially available, and so we are investing heavily in further growing this business. We are continuously reducing our carbon footprint through our Go Green initiative, a strategic push across the value chain to reduce the Global Warming Potential (GWP).

Jacobi's Scope 1 and 2 GWP has decreased over time and is now extremely low (GWP100 equals 0.23 kg CO2 eq. per kg AC) for coconut shell-based AC. The future challenge is to further reduce the Scope 3 GWP. For this, we need our suppliers and customers to closely collaborate with us. Jacobi takes responsibility to make this happen and lead this change.

We are committed to lowering our GWP for our ion exchange resins and mobile filter solutions too. As a leading company in the industry, heavy investments in innovation and circularity can make this happen. Think negative and follow our carbon footprints. Our planet needs it.

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