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We’d like to warmly welcome the Finex team to the Jacobi Group. Finex, in Kotka, Finland, is the leading speciality company in Ion Exchange Resins with strong positions worldwide in the food and pharma markets.

Now that the acquisition is completed, what will happen?

Probably two main terms to describe the near future would be integration and win-win. Most of the Finex team and a substantial part of the Jacobi EMEA team will be involved in some way or another in the ongoing integration process.

There are plenty of actions initiated in the commercial, supply chain, IT and manufacturing domains, which will enable us to maximise the benefits of Finex being part of  the Jacobi family. As for the win-win, Jacobi teams will benefit from expanded in-house product offering, while Finex will benefit from the large commercial and product/application development organisation
of Jacobi.

Why do you think that Jacobi developed an interest in Finex?

We believe there is a very good match of the two companies. Jacobi is seeing Resinex business as a lucrative future opportunity; a fact which has been proven already with steady business growth.

This business has been growing based on 3rd party supply and also has exciting synergies with Jacobi’s traditional activated carbon customer base. On the other hand, Finex has a decade long presence and brands in the specialty resins markets based on its own production.

The acquisition of Finex will strengthen Jacobi’s position and solidify the value proposition on the market. In this way, Jacobi is bringing in new competencies, new innovation capabilities and manufacturing resources and not least, new colleagues. We will do our best to make you feel welcome. Here, the managing team at Finex shares their thoughts about the integration process and what the future might look like.

First shipment going out under the Jacobi banner.

What does it mean for Finex with Jacobi as the new owner?

Jacobi is a well-established supplier in its target markets and has a worldwide presence. For Finex, it provides an excellent platform for leveraging the Jacobi sales presence and expanding the markets for the Finex-produced specialty resin palette. Jacobi has a well-established manufacturing base and industrial experience, which can be mutually beneficial in order to further improve the Finex operations.

What will it mean for Finex and Jacobi’s clients?

As highlighted earlier, Jacobi – Finex combined resin offering will be more than the sum of its parts. Finex enables Jacobi to offer a broader range of resins based on inhouse manufacturing capabilities, which complement the existing 3rd party supply. This will undoubtedly deepen the existing key customer partnerships. It will also enable expansion of the customer base through broad and high-quality offerings.

Finally, what would you like to say to the Jacobi people now when you enter the company?

The whole Finex team is looking forward to embracing the joint journey with Jacobi. We all are looking forward to working and meeting with the Jacobi colleagues and finding areas of mutual learning and development.

It’s exciting times, with so many new colleagues to get to know, and we welcome you all to our Jacobi family.

The Finex team in the Kotka office.


Finex is a global, innovative specialist in chromatographic separation resins and specialty polymers. The company was founded in Kotka, Finland and has generated growth by providing tailored solutions in current and new industrial chromatographic separation applications worldwide.

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