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Jacobi Management team in GSS centre, Malaysia

During the management team's visit to the office, photos were taken with all the staff.

A joyful celebration at our 12th anniversary in Penang

Our Global Shared Service (GSS) centre, a team of around 30 people based in Penang, Malaysia, is responsible for purchasing, procurement, logistics and packaging for Jacobi’s worldwide operations. The team’s efforts and commitment were hugely important in overcoming supply chain challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Back in 2020, their 10th anniversary plans had to be postponed and celebrations were held in late 2022 instead. Jeannie Khoo, the Country Manager and Director of Global Shared Services, hosted the long-awaited event.

Everyone enjoyed the table games – though forfeits were required for the losers!

Lots of local seafood for dinner and gifts for the guests

Flowers were given to the team as a token of appreciation.

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