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Jim Knepper, President of Americas and Remko Goudappel, CEO, receiving the Excellence Award at WQA Awards.

We are WQA Awards Winners!

The award highlights outstanding accomplishments in the water treatment industry and the communities in which the winners operate. We are particularly proud that The Water Quality Association (WQA) highlighted our commitment to sustainability and our work to inspire the industry to become more sustainable overall. This award is an important recognition of our Go Green initiative, and we feel greatly supported by the WQA.

Development of the Walasumulla National Hospital in Sri Lanka

We are proud of our contribution of 3.5 million Sri Lankan Rupees (around 107,000 Euros) worth of hospital goods to Walasmulla National Hospital in Sri Lanka. A commitment to improving healthcare infrastructure and the quality of care available to the community. The feedback has been very positive, and we know that such donations directly impact the well-being of patients and the overall efficiency of the hospital's operations.

“The collaborative efforts that made the surgical ward project possible have been outstanding. We are happy to contribute to the long-term benefits and the organisation's dedication to making a difference in healthcare locally.”


Our Halal certification is another milestone in the expansion into new markets

Xiaoxiang Wang, Dr Ms Areej Wais, Fabrice Chaud, Xiaotong Yu and Amy Z Yangfei outside our our site JAM in Jinnan, China.

In September last year, our site JAM in Jinnan, China, had the pleasure of welcoming Dr Ms Areej Wais from the Halal Quality Control (HQC) certification agency. The mission was to conduct a Halal audit for our JAM plant's Halal MUI certification. The HQC agency is accredited worldwide, and this certification will enable Jacobi products to access markets in geographical areas yet to be covered, such as Indonesia. Congratulations, and big thanks to the JAM team for their fantastic work preparing and successfully conducting this audit and our certification.

Halal is an Arabic word that translates to 'permissible' in English. When it comes to Halal certification of industries, the most important things are that the resin contains no animal or alcoholic substances and does not come into contact with these substances at any stage in the production, storage and transport chain.

Opening ceremony at the water tank installation.

Access to clean drinking water makes everyday life easier

THE TEAM AT our site in Coimbatore, India, learned that the villagers of the local community were struggling to access clean drinking water. They travelled one kilometre to fetch water, and more than 100 people in the remote village could not access clean drinking water. The team believed they could help, so we built a 15,000-litre capacity water tank in the village as part of our community engagement programme. This tank now provides villagers with easy access to clean drinking water, eliminating the need to travel long distances or wait for water.

Project TommeA significant investment for the future

At Jacobi we often speak about our commitment to sustainability and how it is our number one priority as a company. We recently announced our investment in the construction of a new logistics and recycling centre, a significant part of our commitment to sustainability and supporting a circular economy wherever we can.

This new multimillion Euro project follows the success of our existing site in Vierzon, France, as well as a global increase in awareness of environmental issues. Based in central France, the new facility will process several thousand tons of activated carbon providing ample capacity for the European market. The site will further solidify the existing logistics, transport, and subcontractor network that currently support Jacobi Group across the Europe region, with a vision to grow collectively over the coming decades.

“I am incredibly happy that we are making such bold move to champion environmental sustainability,” said Erik Lauer, EMEA President. “This project reflects our commitment to providing our customers with more sustainable choices and reinforces our dedication to ‘doing well, by doing good.’”

The project is split into two phases, the first being the expansion of the current mobile filter unit handling centre effective 2023. As a result, saturated activated carbon from various applications, notably biogas with high sulphur loading, will be recycled and reused in the industry. We know that the carbon footprint of recycling saturated activated carbon is far lower than that of creating virgin activated carbon.

This also aligns with our group initiative to ‘GO GREEN’ by focusing on our services, products and applications that hold a more positive environmental impact than traditional alternatives, this plant is a clear step forward on our journey.

“Actions speak louder than words,” said Usman Saeed, EMEA Manufacturing Director. “And this is a brick-and-mortar example of manufacturing sustainability and circular economy.”

Following this expansion, a second phase is envisaged to be constructed within a short time frame to offer our customers an even wider range of services and boost our industrial reactivation capacity to 10,000 tons/year output.

“Because biogas is an environmentally friendly way to support the process of taking waste to energy, this is a fit with our culture here at Jacobi,” said Jan Reinier Gosker, EMEA Business Development and Marketing Director. 

Prior to Tomme, the treatment of the spent carbon used in biogas production could not be reactivated and became a waste product that was dealt with by a third party. Our new facility will allow the reactivation of the spent carbon, meaning our customers will have access to a smooth-running, simple and efficient option for dealing with their used carbon.

“With such a strong focus on sustainability and our push for a circular economy,” continued Jan Reinier. “It was important to us at Jacobi to complete the cycle and Tomme allows us to do this.”

For our customers, reactivation of spent carbon becomes the easiest and most cost-effective option whilst also improving on the environmental impact of their production. Watch this space and the various Jacobi Group communications channels for further updates on the project.

Erik Lauer
President EMEA

Usman Saeed
Director of Operations & Engineering EMEA

Jan Reinier Gosker
EMEA Business
Development and Marketing Director

Everyone is a winner with the YES project.

Say YES to the planet

(and football)

Jacobi France recently launched the YES project (Young Employees for Sustainability). In collaboration with non-governmental organisations, we address chosen UNSDG goals through various community engagement programmes. This great team (playing together for the first time) represented Jacobi at the inter-company football tournament in Vierzon. Cheered on by colleagues, spouses and children, they finished in a fine 16th place. A big thank you to everyone, and see you at the next tournament!


We visited Pusat Jagaan Sinar Ceria and donated to support their incredible work. This orphanage is located in Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia, and hosts around 25 children. They need help to sustain their operation, especially post-Covid. Our site JCA, and its staff have made monetary contributions and in-kind donations to the orphanage. Our hope is that this contribution made a meaningful difference to their day and brought them much joy.

Safety Month prize distribution

Improving safety with creativity

Every year in March, we celebrate Safety Month at our site, JCB, in Coimbatore, India. By organising competitions with various themes, such as drawing, quizzes, and drama performances, we have found creative ways to raise awareness about safety and improve our safety culture. As a result, we also create multiple new ways for people to share their thoughts on safety.

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