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Certificate of Outstanding Performance

Certificate of Outstanding Performance

Following three years of delays caused by the pandemic, in September 2022 we were finally able to hold our first physical board meeting in Kotka, Finland, where our ion exchange resins plant is located.

Before the meeting started, President of Jacobi Group’s owners, Osaka Gas Chemicals, Watabe-san, handed over the Certificate of Outstanding Performance for Jacobi’s 2021 results to our CEO Remko Gouddapel, on behalf of Fujiwara-san, President of Osaka Gas. In addition to Jacobi’s financial results, the award was granted because of the reduction of severe accidents during 2021, stable operations during Covid under very challenging conditions, and the steady continuation of investing in a sustainable future for Jacobi.

We would like to take the opportunity again to thank everyone whole heartedly for your outstanding performance in 2021. Thank you!

Providing Medical Facilities to Local Primary Health Centre

Providing Medical
Facilities to Local Primary
Health Centre

Primary Health Centre (PHC) is a government-run hospital in the village Vadasithur with basic facilities to handle immediate medical requirements in the local community. From Jacobi in Coimbatore, India, we provided various medical facilities for the centre. By doing this, several thousands of patients yearly will be helped at the hospital.

In addition, we also provided various speciality medical facilities to the centre and nutritious food and nutrition charts to all the pregnant mothers who visited the hospital on the day of event.

A 90-year history of activated carbon production

Jacobi factory in Premnitz - 90 year history

Our factory in Premnitz has a long history and has been producing activated carbon since 1933. During the research for his book ‘The History of Activated Carbon’, our colleague DR. Roland K. Wildner found this historical document.

Starting from 1933, the factory was operated under the name Deutsche Aktivkohle Ges.m.b.H., a daughter company of the German I.G. Farben Group, which created the first activated carbon production site in Germany at Bayer Leverkusen. The factory in Premnitz was their subsidiary.

Good luck with the work on your book Roland. We are looking forward to seeing the result.

The document reads:

To support medical treatment of dysentery and typhus. Proven adsorbent of high purity. The application of Carbo medicinalis D.A.K. is indicated in acute gastric and intestinal disorders such as diarrhea, flatulence, symptoms of poisoning, after alcohol abuse etc. D.A.K. is based on a particularly strong adsorptive binding of the toxins in the stomach and intestines, so that resorption of the same, despite the high solution tendency, does not occur in these organs.

Building Toilet Facilities for St. Antonys Secondary School

Jacobi Building Toilet Facilities for St. Antonys Secondary School

Jacobi's effort to enhance hygiene in a school headed by Jacobi's Mr. Tomohiro Sakaihori.

St. Antony’s Higher Secondary School, is a government aided school in the Alavanthankulam village near to our factory. The school premises, where over 450 pupils study, does not have adequate restroom/toilet facilities.

As part of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities of Nova Carbons, located in Tirunelveli, we have chosen to fund the renovation.

Jacobi Carbons Philippines Providing Water

Providing access to one of the most basic necessities in a local community, water.

Providing Non-Potable Water Facility to Local Community

Jacobi Carbons Philippines laid a pipeline from a deep well to the local community and turned over the water station to the Local Government Unit of Villanueva Misamis Oriental.

The provision of a water station in the area will help roughly 150 people, spread across a wide area, to prevent diseases caused by a lack of adequate water, sanitation, and hygiene. It also reduces the physical strain on women's and children’s bodies, not having to walk long distances to fetch water.

Vierzon is ISO 45001 Certified

We want to thank everyone in the team for their excellent work with the certification of our reactivation and manufacturing plant in Vierzon. A special mention goes to David Seite, Morgane Billonnet and our temporary employee Claire Letelu, who worked extremely hard for six months to pass the gruesome five-day audit with flying colours!

With this certification added to our portfolio, we have taken a formal step towards ensuring high occupational health and safety standards which are recognised globally and join our sites in Premnitz, Kotka and Basiano who hold the same title.

Reactivation and manufacturing plant in Vierzon is ISO 45001 Certified
Proud winners of Jacobi sponsored equestrian competition Superhelgen
Proud winners of Jacobi sponsored equestrian competition Superhelgen

The winner Vendela Remberg and runner-up Edith Sjöman. Congratulations to you!

Riding club Udden is a non-profit association located 20 kilometres miles north of Kalmar, where our headquarters is located. Our colleague Maria Sjödahl is involved in the club and was looking for sponsors. Being active in the local community is close to our heart, so we sponsored the competition class Final of the Little Pony Cup, category B at the club’s biggest competition Superhelgen (Super weekend).

Women’s Day Celebration

Women’s Day Celebrations was held at our factories in India and Sri Lanka at the presence of all employees. Female empowerment, prevention of sexual harassment, equal opportunities, and social accountability and sustainability were the key concepts emphasized to be followed.

Women’s Day Celebration in India and Sri Lanka

Women’s Day Celebrations in our factories in India and Sri Lanka.

Winners of the Best Export Award

Winners of the Best Export Award

We are happy to say that our factory in Coimbatore has won the Best Export Award from the Government of India through the Coconut Development Board. On behalf of the factory, Mr Ramesh Sundarraj, General Manager, and Mr Sheik Dawood, Manager for Sustainable Development, received the award.

Many thanks to the team for your outstanding and continuous support which made this great achievement possible.

Greetings from Semana Santa in Guatemala

Our colleague Edoardo Monfrinotti, featured with his amazing nature photography in our previous issue of A Pure World, provided us with some images from La Semana Santa, the celebration and commemoration of the passion of Christ. On his Instagram, you can also see pictures of one of the world’s rarest and most beautiful birds, the Horned Guan. Go and check out @edoardoamedeo_m on Instagram.

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