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Jacobi India Celebrates 10 Successful Years

Our plant in Tirunelveli, India, celebrated its 10th anniversary in September 2021. A virtual celebration with the local India team was held to mark the occasion. We also want to congratulate the team for their milestone of 20,000 MT supplied in 2021.

We are proud of Jacobi Carbons Nova being a leading example in our Sustainability Journey.

Beating Covid-19

“On a daily basis, our operational teams are fighting the spread of the virus and supporting our employees and the local communities to protect themselves against the coronavirus. Here, you see our team in the Philippines with several initiatives distributing vitamins, face masks and disinfectants. They used the motto: ‘Be Strong. Be Healthy. Be Safe. Let’s Beat Covid-19!’

Feeling proud of the team!”


Making a statement at Tour De France

What do you do when Tour De France starts in your neighbourhood? Our plant in France (JCF) got creative and made a special effort to show their support.

Thank you all for your great work!

Aid in the ‘flood of the century’

West Germany saw a flood disaster back in July 2021. Approximately 185 people died and thousands have lost all their property. Roland Wildner started a private donation action for Andreas Klein, a heavily affected victim in the town of Stolberg, near Aachen. The flood water, which stood three metres high, destroyed his flat and everything inside. He saved only his life and what he was wearing at the time.

Thank you for a great initiative, Roland!

Many colleagues at Jacobi Carbons have participated in his campaign. If you want to contribute, then please get in touch with Dr. Wildner to find out how you can do so.

*Dr. Roland K. Wildner


We were recently honoured for the 6th time with the Best Exporter Award under the coconut shell category at the 24th Presidential Export Awards 2021.

Thank you to all in the Sri Lanka team for their continued hard work.

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Strenghtening our work in social responsibility

In May 2021, we were awarded with the Aragon Seal for the Socially Responsible by the Aragon Government. This seal shows recognition from authorities that a company is socially responsible, goes beyond legal requirements and has a clear ethical, social and environmental commitment – all of which align with our sustainability outlook here at Jacobi.

Congratulations to Jesús Vincueria Alonso and the rest of the team.

New kiln on the way

Kiln number eight is rolling into our plant in the Philippines for installation. Six kilns are in place operating, and two are being installed.

We wish our colleagues the best of luck with their expansion.

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