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Charcoal Drawing Competition

Thank You,

for all the great drawings we received in our charcoal drawing competition. In our previous competition, we wanted to see the most creative way of using a coconut. This time we asked for a charcoal drawing. We received 47 entries, and Jacobi employees were asked to vote for their favourite.

Why charcoal drawings? Well, we handle several different forms of charcoal during our production processes, so, for a change, we wanted to give it a more creative and artistic use.

What’s great about competitions like this is that they showcase the amount and variety of creativity that comes from a global organisation. It’s particularly pleasing that so many people have chosen sustainability in some form as the narrative for their drawings. It wasn’t something we asked for in the rules of the competition; we only asked for a charcoal drawing and for people to say a few words about it. Its prominence shows just how much care for people and our planet permeates our organisation.

Three drawings were chosen as the winning entries and the artists each receive a paint box as a prize.

Many thanks to all entrants for taking the time to create your drawings. We hope you will continue to enter future competitions and express that creativity further!

Three lucky winners received a paint box

Becky Sexton – True character

Aileen Adlaon – Helping community

Selva Kumaran – Baby dreams

Prishkilla P – Kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world

Berin Abraham – Harvesting water

Berin Abraham - Only one earth

Dhanabalan P – Fearless

Berin Abraham – Save water. Save earth

Daughter of K. D. A. Prixanthi at JML – Deer family

Berin Abraham – Safety comes first

Amila D Gamage – The vision and common effort of Jacobi and OGC

A. Micheal Thaines Balan – It's our prime duty to hand over the Earth with its resources to the future generation

Amila D Gamage – Your safety is their future

Maharajan Sudalai – Save water resources

Ramesh Sundarraj – Music can relieve stress

Jodel Cris Libarios – Our family is part of the company

Lakshan Weerasiri – Bay in the sea

Isabelle Laidin – Tree of Life

Jodel Cris Libarios – Earth, we got you under cover

Anantharaj M – Drink more ”Aqua” instead of artificial drinks

Josh Dunlap – Commited to sustainability

Berin Abraham – Be aware

Berin Abraham – Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you

Venkateshan Venkat – Unconditional love is what makes a family. Love may not last forever

Ramesh Sundarraj – Mother’s love is the most unconditional and the purest form of love

Beatrice Varga – Lady with charcoal

Eswaran Marimuthu – Save trees now, they will save you in the future

Berin Abraham – Careful when you turn

P.H. Chaminda Kumara – Swing in a tree

Maharajan Sudalai – Engagement

Ramesh Sundarraj – Music has the power
to bring people together

RD JCN – Diplomacy

N. Anitha – No war

Berin Abraham – Everyone needs a hug

Dhanabalan P – Fearless

R. Eben Rolson – Save tigers

Ramesh Sundarraj – Spread the love

Ramesh Sundaarraj – Who is the artist

Anitha Balakathiravan – The face

Maharajan Sudalai – Stop child labor

Ron Clarke – JCU lab staff

Safety JCB – Mother of Nature

Venkateshan Venkat – One day his son/daughter will follow his example instead of his advice

Kandasamy Subramanian – A rebellion is not a revolution. It may ultimately lead to that end

EMS JCB – Don’t let your future generation grow in smoke

Kandasamy Subramanian – Everything is easy when you are busy. But nothing is easy when you are lazy

Venkateshan Venkat – Unconditional love is what makes a family

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