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Introducing CleanTech to our Charcoal Suppliers

Introducing CleanTech to our Charcoal Suppliers

Maintaining a good relationship with our coconut charcoal suppliers is key to our business, whether we're introducing new technologies or enjoying a charcoal supplier cricket tournament together.

During a one-day event, we introduced a new charcoal-burning method and explained our sustainability journey to our larger charcoal producers in Sri Lanka. Participating were also top representatives from the Coconut Development Authority and the Provincial Environment Authority, together with CEOs from the coconut industry.

With the GreenEco Furnace, which we are introducing alongside our partner MOVI, we are able to reduce emissions and further control the environmental impact of the production process. During production, we can also collect and utilise the generated steam and reuse the heat energy from the process in local towns or villages that may not currently have reliable access to power.

Due to the environmental credentials of the new technology, the reaction from attendees was positive and optimistic. Also, many manufacturers of coconut based products are left with the shell as a byproduct and, with this furnace, could use the shells as a raw material from which to generate charcoal.

Cricket Tournament with our Charcoal Suppliers

Cricket is the most popular game in Sri Lanka. Therefore, after two years of lockdown and social distancing, Jacobi Sri Lanka organised a cricket tournament between our charcoal suppliers and the Jacobi team. This was a great opportunity to build the relationship with suppliers and interact with the local management team.

The event also allowed us to introduce our sustainability principles. It was a memorable event for suppliers as they met the local management team with lots of fun, food, drinks and music.

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