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The Corona challenge

We stay united!

All over the world, companies and people are struggling with how to best handle Covid-19. We are all in this together, and at Jacobi, we are continually finding new creative ways of keeping our team spirits high. Every day we help each other – from managing the workload at the facilities, our offices, and our homes to promoting wellbeing and having regular catchups with our colleagues – and having fun at the same time!

To keep their spirits up, during the start of Covid-19, Paul Davies, Country Manager in the UK, asked everyone to put on some funky headgear to keep things a little light-hearted and more fun.

Patty started to practice yoga in early 2020 as a way to get in some exercise without having to go to a gym. Little did she know how important it would become for her as 2020 progressed, and we all became homebound. Its a great way to grow stronger, to maintain focus, and to relieve stress.

Patty Augustyn, Regional Manager in the USA: “Working from home was already a way of life for me before the pandemic. The home office was balanced by regular visits to our customer base, but in the past several months, all our visits are on-line. I look forward to the days when we can be face-to-face with our customers again!”

Maura Vander Veen, Customer & Sales Support Manager in the USA: While working from home, the Customer & Sales Support team meets regularly and utilises video chat to stay connected.

Marion Janott, Customer Service in Premnitz, Germany: Not everything has changed. I am still alternating between the office and my home office.

A factory medical doctor assessing the health status of employees in Gangainkondan, India.

Linda Svensson-Gonzalez making waffles at the HQ in Kalmar, Sweden.

In Sweden, March 25 is waffle day! Every year we make our own waffles in the office. It has become a delightful tradition.

Lois Lewis, Customer Services Representative, UK: You can never be too safe when there is a flock of seagulls above you!


In Sri Lanka, 320 employees have been tested for Covid-19 at the factory premises. So far everyone has been negative.

Employees in Sri Lanka leave the factory after their shift in the afternoon while keeping up the necessary social distancing.

A greeting from Tianjin, China: When our hearts are together, we are the most powerful ladies.

A screenshot from the UK Teams meeting.

Reah Miller, Customer Services Rep in the UK,  also found it exciting to experiment with hair.

Paul Davies thought lockdown was a good time to experiment with hair styling.

Martin Nevin, Sales Manager: Kiss me quick, Im Covid-19 negative.

Alessandra Sfregola and Veronica Leuci, both Customer Service, with Pierluigi Fusetti, Country Manager in Basiano, Italy: Even during this tough period, we are fully operating in safe conditions and with a smile behind the mask...

In Spain weekly scheduled disinfections are carried out, both in the offices and warehouses, in addition to disinfecting common equipment after individual use.

Andrew Parritt, Sales Manager: Love and peace to all.

Chris Jones is both Production Manager and a Starship trooper.

Damien Saison, Country Manager in The Philippines: This is my usual attire for a daily inspection of the factory. I was trying a new mask recommended by our medical doctor because Covid-19 may be spread through the air in confined spaces.

In Gangainkondan, India, a day-care has opened to provide employees with childcare whilst they are working. Daniel Raj, Country Manager in India: “The parents feel that their children are safe in the facility. This was a result of the legal requirements that our government has imposed.”

Usman Saeed, Country Manager, and Audrey Dequick, Logistics Manager in Vierzon, France tells us about how they balanced the government lockdown restrictions and the companys group walking challenge: Audrey and I usually have our monthly meeting at the office. We decided to do rounds of the plant and ramp up some mileage. As we walked, we were able to catch up on a variety of topics.

Maryline Cocu, Assistant Logistics Manager and Joaquim de Melo, Logistics Supervisor, in Vierzon, France met at the office to ensure that deliveries of resins, carbon and MFU were on time. Usman Saeed, Country Manager: “They always bring a sense of positivity to any situation and one can count on them to find a solution to any problem – true Jacobi spirit. Maryline is soon retiring after 42 years of service to PICA and Jacobi. She is a role model of loyalty, customer service and professionalism. Everyone will miss her but especially the transport network who are used to hearing her voice every day on the phone.”

Mark Down, Global Laboratory Manager in the UK, from his home in Leigh: Adapting to home working!

Working from Home

Music: David Sharples
Lyrics: Also David Sharples
Performing artist: Yup, that’s David Sharples

“Hello, Jacobi Carbons. Yeah sure, I’ll put you through.”

“Working from home
Everybody’s alone
I’m sick of washing my hands
Answering the phone

We get a call twice a week
About Covid-19
I’m sick of typing on Teams
We’re all in quarantine

But I don’t have to drive my car to work
I get out of bed I’m already at work

Working from home
Working from home”

“Hello, Jacobi Carbons”


David Sharples, accountant in the UK, wrote this wonderful Covid-19 hit and posted it on Yammer. Listen to the song here.

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