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Reflections from Remko Goudappel

I am very proud to present the second edition of A Pure World. After the success of the first edition, we decided to publish a new one every year.

2021 was a very challenging, yet successful, year for Jacobi. The biggest challenge was caused by logistics disruptions, particularly ocean freight. We focused on the things we could influence ourselves and dealt with external challenges in the best way we could – and it worked! We had a successful year in which we were able to implement our sustainability goals further. Achieving our sustainability goals is essential for us as we believe that we cannot succeed in a world that fails.

 The challenges we faced as a team due to the pandemic have led to improving our communication; we have intensified the communication internally and externally which was a way to deal with the situation better and to stay closely connected. This was highly valued and a learning experience that we will further expand in the future. A Pure World also contributes to staying connected.

 We are also planning to launch our first Sustainability Report this year. In this report, we’ll keep our stakeholders informed about the progress we make on our sustainability journey. We have defined 8 KPIs that represent our vision. In each category, we’ve initiated the Sustainability Awards and announced the first winners in December of 2021.

 We were able to improve our safety performance significantly. Our continued focus on health and safety kept our teams healthy and made our plants safer places to work. It also had a very positive impact on our operations, enabling us to secure supply for our valued customers.

 We were also able to give back to the communities where we operate, particularly by supporting them in getting through the pandemic. We are thankful to be present in these communities, so providing this kind of support is a fundamental part of our vision.

 Continuously reducing our environmental impact, launching new innovations and improving our quality level are key ingredients of becoming the most sustainable supplier to the industry. However, the most important aspect in our sustainability journey is our people. At Jacobi, people make a difference on a daily basis and that’s why we highlight our people’s stories in A Pure World.


Remko Goudappel, CEO of Jacobi Group

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