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Full End To End Service - Soil Remediation

Spillages, landfill leachate, and previous industrial or agricultural use of land can lead to soil contamination. Soil remediation is one of the biggest markets for our services teams.

Full End To End Service

Jacobi Services is the youngest arm of the Jacobi group. The business aims to give our customers a full end-to-end service by providing Mobile filter Units filled with activated carbon or ion exchange products ready to be utilised. Alongside this, we can also manage the logistics, testing, waste handling and reactivation involved. Rather than offering a product, we offer a complete solution.

Aquaflow V20H filter

Our Aquaflow V20H filter for water applications ready to go to a customer.

TODAY, WE BELIEVE customers’ attitudes have changed, and they are no longer simply shopping around to find the lowest price per kilo of activated carbon and hoping that it solves the problem. Instead, they are now looking for a comprehensive solution that, following the correct testing, they know will work, plus the reassurance of technical support. Parallel to this change, the entire services market is growing and Jacobi Services is moving forward too.

Currently, we have approximately 600 filters and we are expecting this to double over the next few years because of growth in application areas both old and new. At present, water treatment, wastewater treatment, air and soil remediation are Jacobi Services’ bread and butter markets. With government regulations on emissions levels and discharge limits becoming increasingly strict, demand in these application areas is set to grow.

Emerging need for more service solutions

There are also three emerging markets which are set to have a significant impact on the services industry: biocides and PFAS contaminant, and biogas development.

Biocidal products have been used frequently to preserve crops and control pests, bacteria, viruses and fungi. In areas where they have been used, we are left with residual amounts in the water supply and, although the levels are usually low, they are still deemed too high by authorities and must be removed. Sometimes when the biocides degrade we are left
with substances that can be even more harmful than the original chemical. Consequently, drinking water companies are adding in a new tertiary step to remove residual amounts of these products.

Spent activated carbon reactivation kiln

Spent activated carbon is reactivated in our kilns for continued application performance.

Secondly, biogas, a process whereby biological waste, for example food or animal waste, is used to produce fuel. It’s a renewable energy source which has obvious environmental benefits. This was once a very costly process, but as fossil fuels become expensive and unstable, and environmental awareness and concern increases, more people see the value in biogas. The relevant technology already exists and so we will see this area grow quickly.

Finally, PFAS, short for Polyfluoroalkyl Substances. This is a group of chemicals dubbed as ‘forever chemicals’because once consumed, they never leave the body. They are easily dissolved, difficult to manage and found in many household items. Effects on humans have not been fully researched but studies have identified several risks including cancers, thyroid problems and stunted growth in children.

These chemicals have made their way into water systems and soils, creating huge problems globally. Regulations are becoming increasingly tight as we learn more about PFAS and its effects, but, as PFAS is truly everywhere, it is only a matter of time before governments across the globe begin to regulate. Several short and long term plans are in place to ensure that Jacobi Services is able to grow at the desired rate.

Here, you can read more about how Jacobi works with the PFAS issue.

Hans Werner Baums and Jan Reinier Gosker

Hans Werner Baums and Jan Reinier Gosker. Drivers of our growth in the EMEA region for the Jacobi Services business.

Expanding the European footprint to ensure compliance and best practice

At present our Services business has reactivation sites in France and Germany, with focus on industrial carbon reactivation in Germany and potable water in France. With the increasing demand from environmental authorities for purification solutions, Jacobi Group aims to develop further capacity in Europe to respond positively and reinforce its commitment to the UN Sustainability Goals. Furthermore, due to the rapid growth and investment in biogas production, Jacobi is well placed to accompany its customers to make the environmentally friendly choice by reactivating rather than buying virgin activated carbon. With its geographical position in France, it will be able to deploy mobile filtration units rapidly with strong physical presence and ever-ready stock.

The services market is fast moving and dynamic. New technology and environmental updates mean that demand from customers is growing and their requirements are ever changing. To stay on top of these requirements, we must move quickly to adapt to whatever is needed. The key goal is to offer sustainable and commercial solutions to our customers. That is where the market is, is growing and where Jacobi will move to.

Environmental Impact

A huge part of Jacobi Services and its appeal to customers is the reactivation of spent carbon. Not all activated carbon can be reactivated, sometimes the raw material used or the application it was used for prevents it. Where we can, we take away the carbon after use and take it to our reactivation facility where it is reactivated and eventually used again. Around 80% of our customers reactivate their carbon and, as technologies improve, we expect this to grow steadily in the future.

Reactivation offers a commercial win for customers as the costs involved are much lower compared to continually rebuying virgin carbon. Not only does it make sense financially, but also environmentally too. The carbon footprint when using reactivated carbon is five times lower than disposing spent carbon and replacing it with brand new. Environmental credentials are becoming increasingly important to individuals and businesses alike and so reactivation is an attractive prospect to our customers.

Jacobi Services in the USA

The US branch of Jacobi Services today sits at an earlier stage compared to our EMEA footprint but we are working to change that. The business in the US is headed by Jim Knepper. Sales of the services are headed by Omitha and Mike who have been working to establish Jacobi Services USA since May 2021. Just like Jacobi Services in Europe, the goal is to add value to activated carbon and provide end to end customer solutions.

The focus in America is on using Jacobi equipment and personnel from our West Coast service operations in California to service the state and surrounding area in certain applications. These applications include municipal and industrial water, oil and gas, and soil remediation. Elsewhere across the country, we are collaborating with partners to do this work.

Mike Smith

We are happy to be in the game. We know how important it is for the future of our company to be in this business.


Mike Smith, Sales Director, Jacobi Services US

Because this branch of the business is in its infancy, the focus is different to that in Europe. In America, the focus is on smaller markets where we can provide a personalised service and can be competitive in areas where larger, more established services companies tend to have little interest. Despite this, larger projects are frequent alongside the smaller customers. Many of these projects are repeat customers and are providing a springboard for the department to grow from.

Services is not a huge part of the overall business in the states yet, but it is integral and there is a general feeling of positivity with slow and steady growth in mind. By marketing services in combination with activated carbon products and resins, we are able to offer a complete service to our customers which is vital for branding and reputation, regardless of how large the projects are.

Be sure to check in the next edition of A Pure World to find out more about how Jacobi Services are advancing in the race to provide customer orientated solutions for key applications around the world. In the meantime, if you have any questions on the Services business feel free to get in touch via email on

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