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From around the world, group management and G10 members participated online in the celebrations.

The families of our employees are all part of the Jacobi team and 425 cakes were handed out to be taken home and shared with the family.

Plant operator, Bandula Wickramasinghe, cuts the three-tier anniversary cake.

JCL Celebrates 15 Successful Years

IN JULY 2005, Jacobi’s first coconut based activated carbon processing facility opened in Sri Lanka (JCL). This summer JCL celebrated its 15th anniversary with a special event for staff and management. Due to Covid-19, the celebrations were held outdoors, and partially as a virtual event with 150 employees attending at the factory.

With the help of drones, phones and laptops, colleagues could join through real time video streaming.

The plant is located in the coconut triangle in the Puttalam district in the north western province of Sri Lanka. Back in 2005, the initial capacity was 5,000 Mt per year, but today it has grown to over 21,000 Mt annually. It is the hard work, dedication, and positive attitude from the 400 employees that has made us so successful.

We all share the same determination to make the world a better place. This commitment was also commemorated on the tiered anniversary cake, which was beautifully decorated with the icons of the UN Sustainability Goals.  

“This was our most successful virtual event ever with internal resources, and both management and employees greatly appreciated and enjoyed the event,” says Rasanga Adikara, Country Manager.

Most of the employees come from the Nattandiya area and, as always, their families were also included in celebrations. More than 425 individual cakes were handed out to be taken home and shared with their families.


My kids Sterre and Tijmen both play field hockey in Holland. Field hockey is one of the most popular sports in Holland. Every year, there is a lot of excess hockey gear as kids are growing out of their gear. Jacobi India is sponsoring the Athletic Club in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. When I visited the club, I saw that there is a lively field hockey activity with lots of enthusiastic kids. However, there was a severe shortage of gear available to the kids. That is when I developed the initiative to gather used gear at the club in my home town called “Hockeer”.

More and more people heard about it and started donating used gear. It was fully embraced by the people at “Hockeer”. Then, a second club heard about it (one of our regional rival clubs) and decided to support our initiative. To date, we have sent 5 shipments from Holland to Tirunelveli. The people in the South of Holland donate the gear, Jacobi pays for transport. It is great to see the kids in India using proper gear now!

/ Remko


It is with great happiness and joy we announce that our plant in Sri Lanka, Colombo, (JCL) has won the Best Exporter Award for the Coconut Shell Sector for 2018/19. This happened at the Presidential Export Award Ceremony held in Colombo. It is the 4th time JCL has received such a prestigious award in Sri Lanka.

We would like to thank all of our Jacobi people for their team effort, commitment and support. Furthermore, we would like to extend our gratitude and sincere thanks to our customers, business partners, and suppliers for their contribution and trust.

Many thanks also to the Asian management team and Asian subsidiaires, supply chain, product development, sales, R&D, and Malaysian teams for all you have done in this challenging and complicated time.


Well, then show us! We all love coconuts, especially at Jacobi. That’s why we hope that many of you will participate in our competition.

What are the rules?
Send us your best photo of a coconut. It can be beautiful, or crazy, or creative… Or it can be beautifully crazy and creative.

Win a handmade Japanese kitchen knife
Beautifully crafted by the famous blacksmith Yoshito Yamakawa, these high-quality knives are handmade in Shirogami steel. Yoshito Yamakawa does not even use a template to cut out his blades.
He cuts and shapes each blade by hand, which is very unusual today.

When is this taking place?
The competition starts with the release of this magazine and ends on March 30.

Who can participate?
Anyone reading this. And anyone you invite to participate. Five lucky winners will receive a knife.

How do I participate?
Just send your picture to and say a few words about it. (This happens to be the same email address that you use to send your tips for articles in future magazines.)

A grand milestone for JCN

In this challenging situation, JCN (Jacobi India, Gangainkondan) has achieved the milestone of shipping 100,000 MTS of carbon. It was completed within nine years of operation. The first shipment from JCN was October 2011.

Congratulations to our Jacobi India operations and many thanks to the Jacobi sales team, supply chain and all management teams for your support for achieving this milestone.

Kind Regards, Thomas Anthony, Country Manager India

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