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Remko Goudappel - CEO of Jacobi Carbons

Remko Goudappel, Chief Executive Officer, Jacobi Group

Welcome to the Third Edition of A Pure World!

A Pure World has become a communication platform showing who Jacobi Group really are and what drives us. It is all about the people and the sense of purpose we feel for contributing to society by doing our daily work. People make the difference here at Jacobi and I was pleased to see this more than ever in 2022. We continued facing various challenges but no matter how big they were, we always pull together as a team and find solutions.

It is not just about our own people. It also about building strong relationships with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Alignment throughout the supply chain on a shared sustainability vision and willingness to join us on our journey is needed to help make a real impact. In this edition, you can read about how we care for our people and planet, and how we make sure we continuously deliver the right products and services through strong Partnerships.

Fortunately, we were able to start traveling again in 2022. This was very important for us as we could not meet each other face to face for two years! During the pandemic, we adapted to help ensure the security of supply to our customers, however meeting each other physically again is invaluable and we are really pleased to be back together revitalizing our connections. There is a noticeable increase in the levels of creativity and innovation we are able to achieve with our own teams as well as with customers and if anything the pandemic has taught us to be more effective than ever in how we approach our work.

We continued the course on our sustainability journey: We developed a product life cycle assessment for coconut shell-based activated carbon that gave us great insights into the sustainability of our products as well as the potential for further carbon footprint improvements. We will now proceed to expand our assessments and use these to further reduce our environmental impact. We also continued investing in capacity expansions and innovations, and expanded our group resources in safety and quality, two cornerstones of the way we do business.

Our focus on sustainability and environmental impact leads us into new areas tackling challenges such as PFAS/PFOA removal amongst others. With our people, products, services and application capabilities, Jacobi can greatly contribute to sustainable solutions and that’s what excites us moving forward. Being a part of tackling global environmental issues alongside strategic partners that help bring all the required competencies to the table to make a difference.

This edition of A Pure World is a good reflection of who we are, what we do, how we do it and why we do it. We want to do well by doing good. The sustainability journey gives us purpose. I can’t help but feel very proud as I flick through the pages and read the latest articles, I hope that you can also sense this and feel a part of it while working closely with us. Enjoy the read!

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