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No 4

Welcome to A Pure World, number 4. In the cover story, we meet Zach Grennan, who shares his passion for volleyball. We also tell the story of how Jacobi became a part of the Osaka Gas Chemicals Group in an interview with Yoshihiko Watabe, President and CEO of OGC, and our CEO, Remko Goudappel.
You can also discover our progress and where we stand with our key Go Green initiatives and read stories from Jacobi people worldwide about the importance of safety.

3rd Edition of 'A Pure World' Magazine

No 3

In this edition of A Pure World, we talk a lot about PFAS, how Jacobi works globally with this serious problem and the solutions we can offer. We also meet Prabhu Raj, an employee of Jacobi, who, together with his family, runs a farm near our facility in Coimbatore. We are also proud of our first Life Cycle Assessment and the action made for Ukraine. Take your time and find your favourite article in this edition with personal stories told by people at Jacobi. 

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2nd Edition of 'A Pure World' Magazine

No 2

We are proud to present another issue of A Pure World. Our aim is that our magazine should be interesting and inspiring to people outside Jacobi as well. The story of our colleagues who have worked 25 years at Jacobi could be inspiring to all of us, Edoardo Monfrinotti’s amazing nature photography makes us long for our next vacation trip, and our story about UDEC is a wonderful example of how to keep good relations with our partners. 

We wish you a pleasant read and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

1st Edition of 'A Pure World' Magazine

No 1

We are happy to launch the first edition of our corporate magazine, A Pure World. At the launch of this issue, we are in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, so this affects several of our stories. You can also meet our Ironwoman Victoria, see how we work with the UN Goals and meet Finex, our new friends from Finland

Feel free to share any article with your network. With your help, we can spread the word about our personal stories told by people at Jacobi.  

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