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Music keeps us all connected

It’s time for our second release from The Jacobi Band. The first was Tom Browne’s popular hit, Funkin’ For Jamaica, to which we added our own Jacobi style. This time we are taking on Lionel Richie’s All Night Long.


The idea to form The Jacobi Band came originally from our CEO Remko, who plays the trumpet in a band. He thought that this could be a great way to stay connected with colleagues around the world and have a bit of fun.

Each musician got a soundtrack that all of the band followed.

They recorded their part remotely and then sent it to our producer to be mixed and mastered. We also filmed a short music video encouraging our offices to get up and dance; hopefully creating a similar effect to the original Lionel Richie video.

Want to join? Just send an email to (We need more female voices!).

Want to get in the party mood? Just click here to see the video.

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